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No, you cannot configure that. The label for a node will be the Selection Name value. That Selection Name will be the name that the address it was discovered by resolves to. If that does not resolve, it will be the IP Address it was discovered by. Labels that are names are truncated at the first dot.

If your site does not resolve all addresses of a router to the same name, the best approach is to put the address whose name you like best (eg the loopback name) in the seedfile, and delete and rediscover the node by that address. It is important that the address resolve both forward and backward.

There has been a lot of discussion of name resolution and seedfiles on this list, and you can read them in the archives at:


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Mario Behring <mariobehring@yahoo.com>
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07/08/2005 02:49 PM
Please respond to

[nv-l] Object names

Hi list,

How do I configure NV to display the actual names of the objects,
hostnames for servers and routerSysName for routers for example ? Can I
choose which SNMP field will be used to display the object name at the map

Thank you.


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