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RE: [nv-l] Installation order Tivoli

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Subject: RE: [nv-l] Installation order Tivoli
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What is TAMOS 5.1?



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What Version of these products are you installing?

By NO means is this a simple feat.   There are quite a few components involved here.  Please, before you start, READ the Planning and Deployment Guide found;

But if you wanted to break it down into (7) major steps and the versions are?;
ITM 5.1.2 and TMF 4.1.1 and TEC 3.9 and NV 7.1.4 and TAMOS 5.1 then;

Use the Wizard on the ITM 5.1.2 install CD.  This will install TMF and ITM.
Then install whatever Database you will use for TEC.
Then use the Wizard on the TEC install CD and create you DB scripts.
Run the DB scripts
Then use Desktop INST to patch the TMR and configure your install depot's and repositories.
Then import the products and patches
Then use Desktop INST for NetView and SIS to install and configure all remaining products and fixpacks.

Fixpacks are up to fp03 for most products since July 1.


This is no simple feat what you are about to do

Ray Smith

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Install TMF First the rest  I think you can go in any Order!

I would go like this





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19-07-05 10:27 AM
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Subject [nv-l] Installation order Tivoli

Hi, I have to install TEC, TMF, Monitoring, Netview
and TAMOS.
Could you helpme, and tell me the order of
installation for a proper implementation.
All the product have to send events to TEC.



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