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RE: [nv-l] Altiga Cisco VPN concentrator Trap defintions!

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Subject: RE: [nv-l] Altiga Cisco VPN concentrator Trap defintions!
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Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2005 14:06:08 -0500
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Thread-topic: [nv-l] Altiga Cisco VPN concentrator Trap defintions!
I don't work on them anymore but I did in the past.

Cisco is pulling your leg.

In the syslog configuration on the device you can set 9 levels of
logging from like 15 different topics. Then you can specify what log
messages to turn into snmp events.

And then the fun begins.

Depending on your ios version, the concentrator sends in all sorts of
different formats. In our case, we wanted to know when tunnels came up
and down. Well it turned out that this actually was in the user signon
log event. Our concentrator code supported both concentrators for public
users and also for private connections. 

But the trap that comes in varies widely in spacing, verbage and format.
We upgraded IOS versions and trashed the automation. Worse yet, they all
come in as the same enterprise trap so you must have some backend

Cisco is telling you that there are few traps supported because I
believe the SNMP agent itself doesn't generate much - all are syslog
traps that we worked with.

I'm going to email you what work I had done already pending approval
from my previous manager. 

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Subject: [nv-l] Altiga Cisco VPN concentrator Trap defintions!

Hello All,
I'm looking for the above 3000 series Trap defintions.
In the MIB provided to me from Cisco Site, i did'nt
find any traps defined in them. I also see in the list
someone posted a reply from Cisco support saying that
there is very limited traps defined for VPN's or
rather no traps at all. See link below.


Has anyone defined any traps for thess VPN's. I'm
trying if someone can help me here before i get to
deeply involved.Any hints will be greatly helpful.!
Many Thanks,

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