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If they are showing up as a plain green box, that means that you must
update the /usr/OV/conf/oid_to_type so that NetView knows what kind of
device he has.  Then after you delete and rediscover the object, it will be
drawn with whatever symbol is specified for that type in
/usr/OV/conf/C/oid_to_sym file.

Getting new symbols is another ball game entirely.  We aren't shipping any
currently that I know of.  If a "4506" is a Cisco device, then Cisco
supplies custom symbols in Ciscoworks.

James Shanks
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Tivoli Software / IBM Software Group

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How or where do I acquire new Symbols for Netview such as Switches (4506s).
We have upgraded most of our switches and they are showing up as a plain
square symbol.

Thanks you,


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