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[nv-l] Ruleset Editing question

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Subject: [nv-l] Ruleset Editing question
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Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2005 15:05:17 -0400
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This is my first time submitting a question. I just subscribed to the list yesterday.

Netview is a new product to me and I'm learning as I go, so please bare with me. First let me apologize if I use incorrect terminology when talking about Netview.

We use Netview strictly as a SNMP manager and to forward alerts onto TEC.

I was trying to edit a ruleset and add some filters to limit the traps being forwarded to TEC. I was going through the archives and found an email about editing rulesets and suggesting exploring IBM Redbooks. I found a redbook that showed a step by step example how to prevent certain traps from being forwarded to TEC ( exactly what I want to do ). I have a COMPAQ mib that was used to generate over 1,000 trap definitions. I am only interested in a couple of hundred.  

So following the example in the redbook I invoked the ruleset editor and added a TRAP SETTINGS node to my ruleset. At first I used the EQUAL TO comparison to only have 2 traps forwarded. I saved the ruleset, recycled Netview and ran a successful test. I then invoked the ruleset editor and used the NOT EQUAL TO comparison, hi-lighting all the traps that I did not want forwarded. Again I saved the ruleset, recycled Netview and ran a test. This time no traps were forwarded to TEC, not even the ones I wanted to be forwarded. So back into the ruleset editor I went and when I opened the ruleset file the TRAP SETTINGS node and the FORWARD node were not displayed. I had place the TRAP SETTINGS node right before my FORWARD node.


Is there a limit as to the number of traps that can be identified when using the TRAP SETTINGS node?

If I start a session on the Unix Server and perform a simple view of the test1.rs file that I was working with I can see all the trap numbers that I indicated when using the GUI.

I did a search through the archives but did not find anything that might indicate what is happening.

Any help/suggestion/advice you can offer would be most appreciated. Thanks.

Joe Piette
Unix Services
Canadian Tire Corp.
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