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Re: [nv-l] Web console issues

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Subject: Re: [nv-l] Web console issues
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Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2005 16:02:40 -0400
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This is suggested on the Support website:
What steps are needed for effective webclient debugging?
There are fields in various files which need to be edited in order to provide effective debug logging. Edit
change INFO to DEBUG on maptree, xml, and rootCategory components. Edit
change INFO to DEBUG on maptree, client, xml, and rootCategory components. Edit
change INFO to DEBUG on maptree, diagnostics, xml, and rootCategory components.

If running the webclient as a java application redirect nvwc.bat file to a file. If running via browser,collect the java console output.. Also collect /usr/OV/log/maptreeserver.log, netview_root.log(nv.log for Windows), and /usr/OV/www/logs/netviewservlets.log.


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10/25/2005 03:16 PM
Please respond to

"Archer, Walker \(W.A.\)" <warcher1@ford.com>
[nv-l] Web console issues

Off and on today, my web console users have been bounced out.  It's not
from an admin running the web console gui and resetting the web server
but where is the web console logged?  I'm looking at Leslie's "whoweb"
from her previous post so I can see where the raw log is of web traffic
(="/usr/OV/www/logs/*.request.log") but not where it would be logged if
everyone gets bounced out of the web server and what caused it.

Thanks in advance

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