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RE: [nv-l] Nodes alternate between up and down

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Subject: RE: [nv-l] Nodes alternate between up and down
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Date: Fri, 30 Dec 2005 13:21:04 -0600
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Thread-topic: [nv-l] Nodes alternate between up and down
A couple of questions:

Do these servers have some kind of virtual interface on them - such as a
Dell Remote Assistance card (which conveniently is shipped from Dell
with a fixed IP address present in all servers). That DELL RAS card
wreaks havoc with Netmon - although it is more of a reptitious discovery
problem than a node up / down. 

Another example would be a dual homed (teamed adapter) server where
conecutive status polls actually hit different physical interfaces on
the server (and perhaps the fail over interface is normally in a down
status - perhaps with the same MAC address even? I've seen stranger

Does a ping to the interface while the interface is marked down cause
netmon to mark the interface up again?

Is there another SNMP manager pounding the SNMP process on the server to
the point where responses to NetView polling are impacted?

Is the behavior present on Unix devices, network devices or only

The server is plugged into the switch. Can you have a network person
verify that the switch port is not reflecting collisions and FCS errors?
If you for instance plug a solaris box into a cisco switch without
previous coordination you may or may not get auto inserted into the
switch properly (I'm not joking, even Cisco's own gear does not always
auto-negotiate with Cisco gear correctly).

Does a netmon dump of the snmp queue reflect any issues? (sorry been out
of netview long enough I don't recall the netmon -# flag for it.)

Hope these questions spur some thought in the right direction. All of
these questions come from first hand experience - I've been bitten
before on these.

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Subject: [nv-l] Nodes alternate between up and down

Dear All,
Since installing NetView (7.1.4 FP 3 on AIX 5.2) I have notice that
trapd.log has been getting fairly well sprinkled with Node/Interface
messages. I finally got around to trying to get to the bottom of it.
If I pick on a particular node (in this case a Windows server), I was
Interface & Node Down messages followed five minutes later by Interface
Node Up messages. I changed the default polling interval to ten minutes
as you might have guessed, the same entries cycle through trapd.log, but
only half as often.
Having located the node on the GUI, I did repeated Demand Polls on it.
just alternate each time between up and down. A large number of nodes
similarly affected but by no means all.
Has anyone got any idea what's happening?
Thanks in advance.
Rob Brinkworth.

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