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Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2006 11:34:29 -0500
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Hi Scott,

We use a script that run some nslookup commands on a few entries and verify
the correct response. This can be run in the crontab or by servmon
(nvsniffer on 7.1.3) if you want the DNS to be seen as a "service" by

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Hi all,

Environment:  NetView 7.1.3, Solaris 8

Is there a way that I can configure NetView to monitor a DNS service?  I
know I can configure nvsniffer to monitor the port, but I'm interested in
setting up a monitoring solution to ensure that the DNS Server is able to
respond correctly to a record query.

If anyone has any suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated.



Scott Hammons
Principal Consultant
Advanced Integrated Solutions, Inc.
Mobile:  (210) 378-8229

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