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After you telnet'd in, did you login to NetView as well?  Once NetView
security is enabled even root has to login with nvauth before it can do

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Hello List,

AIX 5.2 ML 6, Netview 7.1.4 FP4
I enabled security and now whenever I telnet to the server and log in as
root I can not run any Netview commands, such as ovobjprint. I get the
following error:
nvs_isClientAuthorized(): permission denied for "nvsec_admin".
 A IBM Tivoli NetView login is required to permit the requested operation.
authorized=0, status=36

I created a nvsecadm group and added root and a non-root user (since I
wanted nonroot to access nvsec_admin). but now root can not run commands?

How do I by-pass this besides turning off security?


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