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[NV-L] Pre-defined NetView ports on AIX 5.3

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Subject: [NV-L] Pre-defined NetView ports on AIX 5.3
From: "Davis, Donald" <donald.davis@firstcitizens.com>
Date: Tue, 2 Jan 2007 16:14:39 -0500
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Thread-topic: Pre-defined NetView ports on AIX 5.3
Can anyone tell me what is the purpose of these entries in etc/services on AIX5.3?
These are defined by default on AIX v5.3
netview-aix-1    1661/tcp               # netview-aix-1
netview-aix-1    1661/udp               # netview-aix-1
netview-aix-2    1662/tcp               # netview-aix-2
netview-aix-2    1662/udp               # netview-aix-2
netview-aix-3    1663/tcp               # netview-aix-3
netview-aix-3    1663/udp               # netview-aix-3
netview-aix-4    1664/tcp               # netview-aix-4
netview-aix-4    1664/udp               # netview-aix-4
netview-aix-5    1665/tcp               # netview-aix-5
netview-aix-5    1665/udp               # netview-aix-5
netview-aix-6    1666/tcp               # netview-aix-6
netview-aix-6    1666/udp               # netview-aix-6
netview-aix-7    1667/tcp               # netview-aix-7
netview-aix-7    1667/udp               # netview-aix-7
netview-aix-8    1668/tcp               # netview-aix-8
netview-aix-8    1668/udp               # netview-aix-8
netview-aix-9    1669/tcp               # netview-aix-9
netview-aix-9    1669/udp               # netview-aix-9
netview-aix-10  1670/tcp                # netview-aix-10
netview-aix-10  1670/udp                # netview-aix-10
netview-aix-11  1671/tcp                # netview-aix-11
netview-aix-11  1671/udp                # netview-aix-11
netview-aix-12  1672/tcp                # netview-aix-12
netview-aix-12  1672/udp                # netview-aix-12
AIX5.2 Without NetView installed has nothing defined for these ports
AIX5.2 with NetView with installed has these ports defined:
nvsecd         1663/tcp   # NetView Security daemon port
nvcorrd        1666/tcp   # NetView Correlation daemon port
actionsvr      1670/tcp   # NetView Correlation Action daemon port
nvcold         1664/tcp   # NetView Collection Facility port
nvsecltd       1667/tcp   # NetView Security client daemon
C5_server      1668/tcp   # NetView C5 Consolidated Console and Threshold Mgmnt
nvlockd        1669/tcp   # NetView General Topology Manager lock daemon
nvpagerd       1671/tcp   # NetView Pager daemon
otmd           1672/tcp   # NetView Open Topology Stream port
This appears to be a conflict to me, or am I missing something?
Don Davis

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