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Subject: Re: [NV-L] NV-L (Router)
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1. Discovery is a complex process involving SNMP. In order to find that router it's address must be present in the ARP cache of some device which netmon has already discovered. It pulls that ARP cache on a regular basis looking for hints of new devices, but it needs SNMP access to do that. You can override this process by creating and using a seed file. Use serversetup and click the "Discovery" tab. Then check the box that says "use seed file". The default name will come up in the box. I strongly suggest you use that file \usr\ov\conf\netmon.seed because it has a full page of explanatory comments about seed file entries. Click the "Edit" box and when the java seed file editor window comes up, click the "Add" button while the left pane has "Set Initial Discovery Seeds". Put the name or address of that router in the pop-up box and "OK' your way out. And if it asks you whether you want to restart netmon, answer "Yes".

There is a LOT of discussion about the discovery process in the NetView books I mentioned earlier. It would be a good idea to look them over.

2. That should do it.

James Shanks
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[NV-L] NV-L (Router)

Dear sir,

1)router is not identified in our map by Tivoli netview 7.1.4 yet we set the range of discovery as “all networks” option?.What may be the reason?

2)We have configured netmon –k 1 using command prompt. Do we need to configure any other for router fault isolation?

Reply as soon as possible


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