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Re: [NV-L] INformation in traps

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Subject: Re: [NV-L] INformation in traps
From: James Shanks <jshanks@us.ibm.com>
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2007 11:33:14 -0400
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I am sorry to say that it appears to me that you are very much out of luck here.

You can format the incoming varbind OID in trapd.log, but that information is not accessible. It is stored in the trap structure, which contains only the varbind values by position (first, second, third, etc). NetView simply does not give you a way to access the varbind OID after it is received.

It is highly unusual for a vendor to obscure important information by appending it to the varbind OID, and I would note that the MIB definition you cite does indicate that is what is going to happen. In fact, it indicates that only two varbinds will be sent
VARIABLES { connUnitPortStatus, connUnitPortState }
and not three, so it is not at all clear what the empty octet string is supposed to be on the end of the trap. The MIB does not indicate what that is.

Perhaps a call to the vendor whose agent is sending this trap will help. Only they can tell you what is supposed to be in that third varbind and why it is not defined in the MIB. Perhaps there is a way to configure the device so that the port number is included there. I don't know. I only know that there is no easy way I can think of for you to extract that MIB OID. I suppose you could trigger a script when this trap is received to locate and parse it out of trapd.log using a Perl script, but that would be quite a kludge.

James Shanks
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[NV-L] INformation in traps

Can any one tell me how I get the port number from this entry.

The mib definition is

connUnitPortStatusChange TRAP-TYPE
VARIABLES { connUnitPortStatus, connUnitPortState }
"The overall status of the connectivity unit has changed.
Recommended severity level (for filtering): alert"
::= 6

The information in trapd.log looks like this

1190203118 7 Wed Sep 19 12:58:38 2007 A fcmgmt 6 6 3 args: [1] (Integer): 9
1190203118 7 Wed Sep 19 12:58:38 2007 A [2] (Integer): 3
1190203118 7 Wed Sep 19 12:58:38 2007 A [3] (OctetString):

The traps seems to pass on 3 bits of information relating to port status (9), port state (3) and a blank entry. However, the information in each line contains the port number 21 at the end of the string of numbers. If there any way I can pick up this information to forward to tec. I'm not sure what this information is or how I can pick bits out of it.

It would be very useful.




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