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Subject: [NV-L] netviewd
From: "Davis, Donald" <donald.davis@firstcitizens.com>
Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2007 14:29:25 -0500
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Thanks for your quick reply. There are no cores or FFDC files because
this was self inflicted!
I am using the ITSO nvmon script to monitor, restart and notify me of
NetView daemon issues.
I recently modified the script that touches a flag file which toggles
this monitoring off and on.
We have been doing some very major network reconfigurations lately which
have the potential of generating tens of thousands of SNMP Traps and
bringing netmon and trapd to their virtual knees. I added stopping of
two daemons to the script that stops automation.  The two daemons I stop
are netmon and actionsvr, which would prevent the detection of outages
and custom processing of traps during these maintenance windows. I did
not realize that actionsvr was a prereq for netviewd until more closely
examining the output of nvstat which listed the daemons and prereqs.

Is there a good reason that actionsvr is a prereq of netviewd?  Can I
remove it as a prereq from netviewd.lrf?
Or, should I just restart all stopped daemons when I return NetView back
to normal conditions after the maintenance is complete?

Best regards,
Don Davis

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netviewd dies?  with a core or not? Did you get anything in
/usr/OV/PD/FFDC that's of any use?

There have been a couple of netviewd fixes since 7.1.4 FP02 but none of
them specifically for that.
And there's this in the FP05 readme:
New notes for fix pack 05

Troubleshooting: The netviewd daemon does not start (UNIX only)

If you have trouble starting the netviewd daemon, follow these steps:

Stop the Xvfb process using the kill command.
Run the following command to restart the Xvfb process:

If the problem persists, check the /usr/OV/log/netview_daemon.log file.
If the local host name entry for the Tivoli NetView server (the name in
the /etc/hosts file) does not match what the domain nameserver (DNS)
provides as the host name, the netviewd daemon might have a problem
starting. The following message displays in the
/usr/OV/log/netview_daemon.log file: Couldn't open display

To avoid this problem, ensure that the local host name in the /etc/hosts
file matches the host name provided by DNS. The /etc/hosts file must
include both the fully qualified host name and the local host name on
the line that specifies the IP address of the host. An entry in the
/etc/hosts file must be similar to the following example: myhost.local.domain.com myhost
Notes: In this example, "myhost" is the local host name.
Beyond this, I have nothing else to offer.

James Shanks
Level 3 Support  for Tivoli NetView for UNIX and Windows Network
Availability Management Network Management - Development Tivoli
Software, IBM Corp

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