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Re: [NV-L] Discovery through seed file not working

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Subject: Re: [NV-L] Discovery through seed file not working
From: James Shanks <jshanks@us.ibm.com>
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2008 10:14:56 -0400
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You will find that the listserver does not like attachments or large
documents. It's an advice column, not an official Support vehicle.  If you
think you need to have someone look at your files, then you should open a
problem to IBM Support.

That said you can look in \usr\ov\conf\ovsuf  (open it with Notepad) and
find an entry for netmon which begins with a zero, like this

\ov\conf\netmon.seed,-S,-u,-Q 32,-z 0,-g 12,:OVs_WELL_BEHAVED:120::

If you can see the part that says -s\usr\ov\conf\netmon.seed then netmon is
using that file as its seed file.

You may also see other entries in that file for netmon which begin with a
1.  Those are inactive entries.  They get created every time you change the
configuration with server setup.

I'm going to assume that the correct file is listed.  Then it becomes a
matter of what's in the file.  To force discovery you should just put the
IP Address or fully qualified host name of the device you want to discover
on a line by itself.  That will override all other entries you might have.
If that's what you have, then you can try stopping and then restarting
netmon.  The first thing it does upon restart is read the seed file and
verify that it has already found and instantiated those devices.  It will
try again if not.

If you still don't get your devices discovered, then you should probably
open a problem to Support and get some personalized assistance.
Alternatively you can get netmon to trace what it is doing by opening a
command window and typing
      netmon -M -1
to set the full trace mask and then
      netmon -y
to get netmon to reload the seed file again.  It will then write trace
messages to the \usr\ov\log\netmon.trace file.  The messages are designed
to be read by trained support personnel but you may be able to discover
what is going wrong with finding these devices.  To turn off the trace
      netmon -M 0
from the command line.

Hope this helps,

James Shanks
Level 3 Support  for Tivoli NetView for UNIX and Windows
Network Availability Management
Network Management - Development
Tivoli Software, IBM Corp

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(Embedded image moved to file: pic03786.gif)
I have installed Tivoli 7.1.5 on Win 2003 ( service pack 1).
I have introduced a seed file with list of IP addresses.
Under the Discovery tab of Server Setup, I have selected the “Use Seed
file” for discovery and also selected the “All Network” radio button.
Tivoli is not detecting the systems listed in the seed file.
Locate feature says systems not found.
Is there anything else I have missed to configure for seed file?
I am able to ping the systems in the seed file.
Please help.

For more details I have attached the screen shot of server setup.

Yogendra N
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