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RE: [NV-L] trapd forwarding to tec

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Subject: RE: [NV-L] trapd forwarding to tec
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Thread-topic: [NV-L] trapd forwarding to tec



I have this issue too.


I have all the events are being forwarded to TEC from NetView but the recently added Trap definition is not being forwarded to TEC. I enabled NVServerd Trace but no luck (No event seen inside the log).


My problem here is the same. I mean I can see the event sent by the device in trapd.log, but not been seen in nververd.log and TEC.


If I manually send a test trap with the help of snmptrap command, I am receiving this event on TEC. What other thing could raise this kind of issue?


Need help!





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Subject: RE: [NV-L] trapd forwarding to tec


Thanks. The traps appear in trapd.log so I'm assuming it's a rulesest issue. I'll give nvcdebug a try and may raise this with support. We have fix pack 5 in plan for second half of the year so maybe I can push to get this brought forward.


Thanks for you help.




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Subject: Re: [NV-L] trapd forwarding to tec

Tracking down missing events is not something I recommend customers do on their own without help from Support, but I will explain how to do it.

The first thing I would do is start running the nvserverd trace. nvserverd is the daemon who send events to TEC. You can trace his activities by editing /usr/OV/conf/tecint.conf and uncommenting the line
Then you can get nvserverd to reload the file with the command
nvtecia -reload

This will cause nvserverd to write every event he processes to a new file, /usr/OV/log/nvserverd.log. When you think you have missed an event in TEC, look in this file and see whether it was logged. If you see it logged then nvserverd gave it to the TEC library code for forwarding but the adapter suppressed it for some reason. In that case, you'll have to open a problem to the TEC folks to get them to help you trace the adapter code. After nvserverd write the event to his log, he is blind to what happens to it after that. You will need to monitor the growth of the nvserverd.log. There is no size limit and no code to restart it after it grows to a certain size. If you delete or rename it while nvserverd is running, he will simply start writing to a new copy.

If you are missing the event in TEC, and it's in the trapd.log but you don't see it in the nvserverd.log, then I would suspect a ruleset problem. To diagnose that you can start running the nvcorrd trace. nvcorrd is the daemon who gets events from trapd and correlates them before passing them on to nvserverd for display or forward. To do that you would issue
nvcdebug -d all
This will cause nvcorrd to start writing what he is doing to the nvcorrd.alog. After he has written a 1000 lines, he switches to the nvcorrd.blog. After a another 1000 lines there, he switches back to the alog again and so it goes, alternating between the logs so that they don't get too big. But on a busy system they fill up fast, so as soon as you notice a problem you might want to shut him down or copy the logs so they don't get overwritten. Alternatively you could edit the /usr OV/conf/ovsuf file and edit it
to add a log file parameter to nvserverd's definition, like this

If you do this nvcorrd will only write to that log rather than switch. But you will have to manage it, just as you do with nvserverd.log.

That's about all I can tell you except that when nvcorrd gets an event you will see a "received an event" eyecatcher in the log. Immediately thereafter you will see him try to match it to one of the rulesets he is running. If the match is successful he'll write out all the parameters of that event. Then you will see him process any actions for that event and finally forward it on. He'll do this for each ruleset in turn and when he's down with each of them you will see another eyecatcher in the log which reads "finished with the event".

Now having said all that, I would urge you to get help from Support with this. And I would also urge you to get current first. FixPack5 has been available since December 2006 and there have been fixes made to TEC forwarding. You are so far behind on maintenance that it is difficult to guess where the problem lies. Do your missing Compaq traps have null data in them? Long strings of hex zeros? We fixed a problem like that some time ago. And that's why you should get current before trying to figure this out. Your problem might already be solved.

James Shanks
Tivoli Network Availability Management Level Three
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[NV-L] trapd forwarding to tec



In my forwarding rule set I have the compaq enterprise selected and then a number of specific traps selected to forward to tec. Some of these get forwarded and other don't. As far as I can see the traps are all set up in the same way with the event category set to Status Event.

If I generate one using serversetup, that gets straight through to tec so I'm assuming this doesn't go through the ruleset. Is this correct and can anyone offer any suggestions as to how I can track down the problem? I'm running on AIX, with Netview 7.14 FP4



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