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Re: [NV-L] NetView event forwarding to TEC

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Subject: Re: [NV-L] NetView event forwarding to TEC
From: Gareth Holl <gholl@us.ibm.com>
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2009 17:14:19 -0400
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Hi Kevin,

I conversed with James and we both agree there is a slight correction to the reply for #1 :

There was a change made in the later mod levels for NetView v7.1  (7.1.4 and 7.1.5 definitely included) where Tivoli Framework was no longer needed on the box where NetView was running in order to use the TME transport mechanism for event forwarding to TEC. Instead, you need to install the Tivoli Lite Client Framework, also known as a Tivoli Endpoint ... a small agent that communicates to a TME (Framework) environment via a Tivoli EndPoint Gateway (which is a form of Tivoli Framework (oserv) and could well be your TME Server or one of any TME Managed Nodes on your TME environment, including the TEC Server).

Unless you need to secure the data that is included in the event that is sent between the NetView server and the TEC server, the use of the TME transport mechanism introduces more overhead, more administration, and more points of failure ... certainly not worth the trouble if you can avoid it.

Just so its clear, Tivoli Endpoint (LCF) and/or Tivoli Framework code is NOT needed on the same box as NetView if you're not using the TME transport mechanism.

Hope this helps,
Gareth Holl
SWG Client Support - Tivoli Software
Advisory S/W Engineer - Technical Team Lead
IBM Certified Deployment Professional
o/l 1-919-254-9610 t/l 444-9610 gholl@us.ibm.com

From: James Shanks/Raleigh/IBM@IBMUS
To: Tivoli NetView Discussions <nv-l@lists.ca.ibm.com>
Date: 04/21/2009 02:53 PM
Subject: Re: [NV-L] NetView event forwarding to TEC
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You have a couple of misconceptions here.

1. The TME transport mechanism requires that you have the Tivoli Framework installed on your NetView Machine and NetView installed as a Tivoli application as opposed to the now more usual method of installation using NetView's instalnv. After the Tivoli acquisition in 1996, NetView became Tivoli app, just like TEC, and had to be installed using the Tivoli Framework. It still can be. But most customers have since opted for a stand-alone install with TEC on another separate machine. Framework installs are a rarity these days.

If you have done the Framework install, then you can choose the TME method, which uses the Framework's oserv daemon to send the event. If not, then you have to use the now more prevalent TCP/IP connection method.

2. A FATAL error is not what you think it is. Every time you stop nvserverd or stop just the adapter with nvtecia -stop, the last thing the code in nvserverd does is generate an event for the TEC server that it is going down. By convention with other TEC adapters, this event is given a FATAL status for the TEC console. That tells the operators they have lost connection to NetView. When nvserverd is brought up or you restart the adapter with nvtecia -reload, nvserverd generate a matching event with the severity of HARMLESS and this causes them both to be removed from the TEC console once it gets there.

This log looks completely normal for an nvserverd shutdown and restart.

James Shanks
Tivoli Network Availability Management Level Three
Network Availability Management
Tivoli Software, IBM Corp
1-919-224-1642 | T/L 687-1642 | ITN 26871642
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"Sperry, Kevin" <Kevin.Sperry@us.ngrid.com>
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04/21/2009 01:38 PM
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Tivoli NetView Discussions <nv-l@lists.ca.ibm.com>


"Tivoli NetView Discussions" <nv-l@lists.ca.ibm.com>



[NV-L] NetView event forwarding to TEC

Hello again,

1. Using UNIX with NetView 7.1.5. Is it recommended to use the "TME transport mechanism" for sending alerts to TEC?

2. We are currently forwarding events in out test environment and have seen this fatal error 2 or 3 times over the pasty 3 weeks. Any idea why?

04/21/09 11:42:21 TEC_ITS_BASE;source=nvserverd;origin=;hostname=;adapter_host=

;date="04/21/09 11:42:21";status=OPEN;severity=FATAL;msg="nvserverd is ending";END

04/21/09 11:42:21 Shutdown Event sent

04/21/09 11:42:21 nvcorrd session closed

04/21/09 11:42:23 TEC handle destroyed

04/21/09 11:42:23 Close of TEC API completed.

04/21/09 11:44:53 fallbackClass = TEC_ITS_BASE

04/21/09 11:44:53 ServerLocation = nguip85h

04/21/09 11:44:53 Java Options = -Xusealtsigs

04/21/09 11:46:36 NvserverdPrimeTecEvents =

04/21/09 11:46:36 NvserverdSendSeverityTecEvents =

04/21/09 11:46:36 TecRuleName = TEC_ITS.rs

04/21/09 11:46:37 TecConnServer::openSession( ) with nvcorrd:

04/21/09 11:46:37 fRuleName = TEC_ITS.rs, CorrelationType = 1, priming_flag = 1, TivoliTEC = 1

04/21/09 11:46:37 TEC_ITS_BASE;source=nvserverd;origin=;hostname=;adapter_host=

;date="04/21/09 11:46:37";status=CLOSED;severity=HARMLESS;msg="nvserverd has connected using rule TEC_ITS.rs";END

Thank you,

Kevin Sperry
IT Analyst, Data Center Monitoring Control


7437 Henry Clay Blvd. Bldg#3

Liverpool, NY 13088

Phone: (315) 460-2688 Internal: 829-2688


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