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Re: Symbol Labels

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Subject: Re: Symbol Labels
From: Douglas Staub <Douglas_Staub@KEYBANK.COM>
Date: Mon, 6 Jul 1998 09:24:48 -0400
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>From File-Describe Map, highlight IP Map from Configurable Applications and
click Configure for this Map.  Then select False for IP Map override user
symbol customization.  That should solve your problem, and it's a good idea
to do this for all defined maps, unless you have a reason otherwise.  Hope
this helps!

Doug Staub
Key Services Corporation

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Please respond to NV-L@UCSBVM.ucsb.edu

To:   NV-L @ UCSBVM.ucsb.edu
cc:    (bcc: Douglas Staub/GL/KSC/KeyCorp)
Subject:  Symbol Labels

I am having a problem changing the labels of symbols on the IP submaps.
I can change a label by right clicking on a symbol, selecting
Edit/Modify/Describe/Symbol... On the next screen I change the Label
field to the description I want it to have.  When I go back to the map
the label has changed and everything is OK.
However, if I log off Netview/6000 and log back, on the label is back to
the old label.  My change has gone away.  I have changed some labels and
the change appears to be permenant.  But on some the change just will
not stay.
I have Read-Write access to the map.  I have done this will logged on as
Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong?

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