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Re: nways installation

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Subject: Re: nways installation
From: Jim Kellock <jkelloc@IBM.NET>
Date: Fri, 10 Jul 1998 20:23:07 -0400
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There may be two issues here.  The level of Java runtime or JDK is
important.  Nways Manager for AIX 1.2.0 will install only with jrk1.1.2
or jre1.1.2.  NMAIX 1.2.1 will install with jre1.1.4 or jdk1.1.4 or
1.1.2.  The 1.2.1 is just a new 60 day try-and-buy CD or ptf U656595-
same code in either case.  If you have licenses purchased for 1.2.0,
they're valid with 1.2.1 as well.  The CD itself is free, as is the ptf,
of course.

To check the Java, run lslpp -ha 'Java*'.  If it shows,, you
probably have a broken build, despite what the message.  Currently, you
can get only 1.1.4 and 1.1.6 for AIX from the Internet.  If you really
need to install Nways 1.2.0 and have to get the Java 1.1.2, send me a
note off-line and I'll get you a copy.

I've found one build of the Java code that doesn't seem to like the
export CLASSPATH=.:/cdrom/java syntax in the script, but looking at the
excerpt below, it strikes me that if you don't have :.: in your search
path, it may fail in this way.  To check, from the X-window where you'll
be running the script, type "export PATH=$PATH:.:" and try again.  If
that doesn't work, cd to /cdrom/image and you'll find a .toc file and
all the installp images.  Doing it this way, you'll get some failure
messages about bos.install.4.x.x, but you can ignore them.  I'd suggest
installing ObjectStore first, then whatever else you want.  If you plan
to install RABM, save that and do it separately after everything else is

If this is an upgrade from an earlier Nways install, follow instructions
in the Install document about what to remove, and also remove the
OS_ROOTDIR variable from wherever you've put it. (i.e.,
/etc/environment, /etc/profile, $HOME/.profile) first.

Latest install guide and tips are at www.networking.ibm.com/support.

Hope this helps.

If it blows up on you, please call support and open a pmr.

Daniel Casey wrote:
> Trying to install Nways Manager 1.2 on an AIX 4.2.1 box.  I
> run the /cdrom/install.nways script and get the following:
> (root@snmpman) /: /cdrom/install.nways
> Java runtime environment is at the right level.
> We are going to stop all Netview daemons and EUIs.
> Do you want to continue [yes]
> yes
> Stopping Netview daemons and EUIs ...
> ... stopped.
> Can't find class Install
> This is what the tail end of the install.nways script looks
> like:
> export CLASSPATH=.:/cdrom/java
> cd /cdrom/java/ibm/nways/campus/install
> java Install
> I have tried to do this manually by cd'ing into the install
> directory and then type java Install, no success.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks,
> Daniel
> jistdc1@mail.jbhunt.com

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