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Subject: nvsecd SENT_SIGKILL
From: Alain Menezes <a.menezes@CGER.BE>
Date: Wed, 5 Aug 1998 14:41:22 +0200
Organization: ASLK-CGER Services
Reply-to: a.menezes@cger.be
Sender: Discussion of IBM NetView and POLYCENTER Manager on NetView et alia <NV-L@UCSBVM.UCSB.EDU>

While doing an ovstatus I get the following output :

 object manager name: nvsecd
 behavior:            OVs_WELL_BEHAVED
 state:               SENT_SIGKILL
 PID:                 8222
 last message:        Received signal 4, exiting
 exit status:         -

What does it mean ? How to solve the problem ?

Alain Menezes                                   Email: a.menezes@cger.be
ASLK-CGER Services GIE                          Tel.:  +32 2 228.55.74
Rue Fossé-aux-Loups, 48                               Fax.:  +32 2 228.83.69
1000  Brussels

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