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Re: HSRP and Netview

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Subject: Re: HSRP and Netview
From: Scott Wilson <swilson@RPM.COM>
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1998 08:44:15 -0400
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What version of NetView?  Only version 5.0 (5.1) will support HSRP.

Hilary Fernandes {DSNAK} wrote:

> Hi,
> At one of our customer sites, we have implemented HSRP (address
> Netview has discovered this as an interface.
> However for some reason, the other day when the HSRP protocol appeared
> to fail, this IP gateway was not available to users on the
> LAN and hence they could not connect to other WAN sites as usual.
> When this gateway seemed unavailable, this did not show up as an event
> in Netview ? Any explanations ?
> Thanks
> Hilary

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