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Re: system reboot...

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Subject: Re: system reboot...
From: Hlaveš Josef <hlaves@DATASYS.CZ>
Date: Mon, 19 Oct 1998 09:27:05 +0200
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It has happened to me when I have changed IP-address of my NetView
station and I have forgetton to launch /usr/OV/service/reset_ci
I hope it will help.

> -----Původní zpráva-----
> Od:   Daniel Casey [SMTP:jistdc1@FIREMAIL.JBHUNT.COM]
> Odesláno:   Saturday, October 17, 1998 1:14 AM
> Předmět:  system reboot...
> Our NetView system took a dive late Friday afternoon and I was
> wondering if anyone else has seen this.
> The system gets in a reboot-loop and it appears to point to
> NetView or something associated with NetView.
> I attached a console to the system and watched the processes start
> after one of it's reboots and right after I saw:
> nttl Startup completed
> Starting NetView for AIX daemons:
> It rebooted...I was able to go in and edit the rc.tcpip file and
> comment out the line:
> /etc/netnmrc
> to prevent the NetView daemons from starting.  After doing this,
> the system came up just fine.  I then went in and enabled the dump
> device.  Next I edited the /etc/rc.tcpip file again and changed it so
> that /etc/netnmrc would start after the next reboot (and hoping to
> get a dump).
> I rebooted the system, it came up for about 2 minutes, then back down.
> I was hoping I would get a dump, but no luck.  sysdumpdev -z showed
> nothing.
> System is up and running now with /etc/netnmrc commented out (no
> NetView)
> and I do have a PMR opened with Tivoli, just waiting on a callback.
> Anyone seen this?
> Daniel
> jistdc1@mail.jbhunt.com

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