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Re: nvsecd-Signal 4

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Subject: Re: nvsecd-Signal 4
From: Scott Wilson <swilson@RPM.COM>
Date: Thu, 22 Oct 1998 10:30:55 -0400
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This is a bug with NetView 5.1 security.  Look in /usr/OV/PD/cores/nvsecd/
for a core file.  I have a case open with IBM and have sent them a core
file, but have yet to hear back.  They did seem to be aware of the problem
when I opened the ticket though.

An ovstart will restart nvsecd, and does not seem to affect the security of
other EUIS.  Maybe it would be wise to put in a cron job to run ovstart
periodically to prevent users from seeing the problem....



Anthony Santucci wrote:

> Everyone...
> I have NV4AIX V5.1; Framework V3.6
> Security is enabled.  This problem is not consistent.  When users
> File->Exit NetView and then another user (or the same user) tries to
> restart the EUI, we will get the message nvsecd is not running.
> ovstatus says Exit on signal 4 -- but the strange part is that all the
> other daemons are still running!  ovstart nvsecd restarts it OK.  I run
> a cron job every five minutes checking nvsecd and restart if it is
> NOT_RUNNING.  Clues?  Please respond to the list and to my address above
> (I get the digest form and would like to get feed back today if
> possible)...
> THANKS ;-)
> Anthony J. Santucci
> (on location...)
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