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Re: Discovery Problem

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Subject: Re: Discovery Problem
From: Michael Trzebiatowski <michael_j_trzebiatowski@AMOCO.COM>
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999 07:19:24 -0600
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     Yes, I've seen this problem with Netview 5.1 for AIX.  We have worked
     with Tivoli to get some efixes for this.  There is actually a series
     of problems that can be seen.  First being the partial discovery as
     you have indicated below; second being the fact that the object not
     being placed onto the maps.  And if you look in the NETTL log, you
     will probably notice some database failure errors.

     As I said Tivoli has come up with efixes for the database failure
     errors and the partial discovery; they are still working on the fix
     for the object not being placed on the map.  An alternative for this
     one is to run map maintenance after discovering the object.

     Michael Trzebiatowski.

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Subject: Re: Discovery Problem
Author:  creasey (creasey@OZEMAIL.COM.AU) at unix,mime
Date:    2/16/99 5:22 AM

Has anyone seen a problem like this?
I added a node today using the loadhosts command.
It added normally stating the usual 1 node added,
1 interface added.  However the node does not apear
on the maps and if I do an ovtopodump of it nothing
is printed.  I can find it if I search the entire ovtopodump
-rl file, but it has no interfaces and is listed as not
snmp enabled.

I can't find any reason for this.  The node snmpwalk's fine
and there are no duplicated ip addresses that I can discover.

Anyone seen a similar problem or have any suggestions?
John Creasey.

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