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trapd script processing exception etc.

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Subject: trapd script processing exception etc.
From: Christo Burger <christob@ABSA.CO.ZA>
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 14:52:30 -0000
Organization: Absa Group
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I have a entry in trapd.conf to execute a script when a specific alert is

In the trapd.conf , at the specific trap entry I run the following command:
EXEC /home/root/scripts/netfinTrap $A $7 $8 $1

however when the script executes these variables have not been resolved. (see
entry nvaction.alog )

99/17/02 17:37:52 :     997 :/home/root/scripts/netfinTrap $NVATTR2 $NVATTR7
$NVATTR8 $NVATTR1~99/17/02
17:37:49~ Alert
DriveF%SpaceUsed: Monitor 'Drive F: % Space Used' has been above or equal to
80% for 1

The text, that you see refers to $1.

I have also noticed that I get flooded with "authentication error: messages at
config polls, which includes this Netview server. In /usr/tmp/snmpd.log the
messages "EXCEPTIONS: authentication error: invalid community name: admin" are
logged.  snmpd.conf and ovsnmp.conf check out okay with the correct community
strings for these devices.

Note: This was working before and I only discovered this when the users started
to complain.

I am not sure if both problems relate or do we have two separate ones.

Any suggestions.

Netview 5.0

Christo Burger
Systems Management
Absa Bank
+27 11 3506480 (work)
+27 11 3506228 (fax)

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