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Re: Calculating utilization

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Subject: Re: Calculating utilization
From: Joe Fernandez <jfernand@KARDINIA.COM>
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 1999 10:40:21 +1100
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Embedded answers to your questions below
At 08:33 AM 2/23/99 +0100, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>I have a question related to calculating the percentage ring utilization in
>the /usr/OV/conf/mibexpr.conf file.
>To calculate the abovementioned value for a Token ring hub with RMON
>support, I make use of the mib value: ., which is
>This value is then multiplied by 100, an the result divided by
>. (IfSpeed).
>The result should then be the percentage ring utilization.
>Question number one:      Is this the best and most accurate method of
>calculating Ring utilization?

ifSpeed is in bits/sec, so octets (per second, see below) should be
multiplied by 8
(and 100 for %)

>Question number two:     If I browse the mib, the tokenRingPstatsDataOctets
>value keeps rising. In other words, it is not a Delta Value.
>               Does anybody know how these values get converted to give a
>delta value each time the graph is updated?

The NV data collector calculates deltas and divides by poll interval length
to give a rate before storing the value.

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