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Netmon and Demand Poll hanging.

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Subject: Netmon and Demand Poll hanging.
From: Jan Green <greenjan@YAHOO.COM>
Date: Wed, 7 Apr 1999 06:52:15 -0700
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Please Help!

I am running Netview 5.1(I do not have the patch 5.1.1
yet). We just upgraded the system. Since, have been
having problems with netmon hanging and demand poll

I forced a trap through my rulesets and logged it
using the nvcdebug -d all command. It is finishing in
about 1 second.

When a node down comes through it is processed right
away, no problem. Demand poll is working as well.

However, when a node down/node up pair comes into
trapd.log it takes 20-30 minutes to arrive in the
ovevent.log. When many traps come in the problem is
multiplied. At peak times I have seen the delay 10-12
hours. During this time, demand poll is hanging.

This has only started happening since the upgrade. It
appears to be a netmon problem. Does anyone know what
may be causing this? And is there a patch?


This may or may not be related:
I have noticed that trapd.log is always one trap
behind. Almost like it holds one trap in a buffer
until another comes in. Then the first trap in the
buffer is displayed and the new one is held. Both show
up in the ovevent.log though.

For example; I send an event command at 11:15:00. The
event shows up in the event log but not in trapd.log.
Then I force another node up at 11:20:00. The second
one shows up in the event log and the first shows up
in trapd.log with the timestamp of 11:15:00. It is
always one behind.

I know this is confusing: I am out of ideas.
Thanks for any ideas.


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