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Re: Netview startup

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Subject: Re: Netview startup
From: "De Beer, Michael" <MDeBeer@FNB.CO.ZA>
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 1999 11:16:51 +0200
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Thanx Petr

The OS I'm running is AIX4.2.1 & Netview 5.1 & what we are trying to do is
get a particular map up on the box, under root user, so that when the
web-server comes up, as I understand it, this will be the first map it
grabs. We tried to find a rc.local file on the system but had no luck
(should we be looking for something else ? ).

Regards Mike

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Subject: Re: Netview startup

"De Beer, Michael" wrote:
> Hi
> Is it possible to start a netview map i.e.. default map at boot-up time,
> with root user on the console, without root actually signing on the
> console,
> in other words, when the box comes up after a re-boot, it bypasses the
> login screen and automatically starts the root map GUI. Any help would
> be
> appreciated.
> regards
> Michael de Beer
> Network Management Analyst
> +2711 889-4610 (work)
> +2711 889-5293/4355 (fax)
> +2782 338 2080 (mobile)

Hello, Michael;
I hope you know what you are trying to do, for this might compromise
security at
your site.
For instance, add the following to your rc.local startup file (not sure
platform you are running NV on):

/usr/bin/su - <userid> -c "nvauth -login <nv_userid> <nv_groupid> \
<password>; netview&"

This assumes you have security turned on and NV daemons running. Also, the
environment must be set in the .profile file. Otherwise, use full paths to
For password, better not to enter it in the script but rather read it from a
file (readable only by its owner) through
$(/usr/bin/cat <password_file>)
or redirect STDIN from the file.

You can set the map to open through the netview command or let the default
for that user show up. See manual for netview and su for options. :-)

Best regards,

"The lyf so short, the craft so long to lerne." Chaucer.

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