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no response on dpadmin and dpconfig?

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Subject: no response on dpadmin and dpconfig?
From: Christo Burger <christob@ABSA.CO.ZA>
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 1999 07:39:40 -0000
Organization: Absa Group
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I had no response on this problem let me try again....

 dpadmin, dpconfig errors with NWAYS1.2.3
 Message Content:
 Our environment : AIX4.2.1, Netview5.1.1 and NWAYS1.2.3.
 History : We had NWAYS1.2.2 installed and working properly. I used the Redbook
 with the installation process, no problems here.

 I installed NWAYS1.2.3 on top of NWAYS1.2.2 and checkout the install_log for
any problems, there
 was none. Now my problem, when I ran dpconfig or dpadmin I get :

 Exception while getting serverName in DpAdmin
 an exception occurred:
 java.rmi.UnmashalException: ibm.nways.analysis.dpManager.dpServerImpl_Stub;
Local class not
 compatable: ...
 ( and some more java messages...)
 An error has occurred while grabbing info from the server
 Usage: dpadmin -s Server_Host_Name -p Server_Port -b
Web_Browser_Used_To_View_Help -d

 Now, 1. Do I require a reboot?
 2. Should I not have installed over NWAYS1.2.2?
 3. Shall I remove and reinstall NWAYS1.2.3?
 4. Did I miss any prereq's?
 5. Shall I install the latest java code? which is ?

 1. I had a closer look at the dpadmin script. NWAYS1.2.2 and NWAYS1.2.3
scripts differs, for one
 the $JAVA_HOME value is different, two it is constructed diffirently etc.

 2. The PTF U462220 says JDK or higher is required while the NWAYS
Manager AIX
 Overview says JDK 1.1.6. Are they not contradicting each other?

Christo Burger
Systems Management
Absa Bank
+27 11 3506480 (work)
+27 11 3506228 (fax)

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