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Re: Rulesets for TEC

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Subject: Re: Rulesets for TEC
From: James Shanks <James_Shanks@TIVOLI.COM>
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 1999 15:01:15 -0400
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Are you absolutely certain that nvserverd was stopped and restarted?  If
not, then he did not get the changed copy of the ruleset.   And you are
absolutely certain that the ruleset name in the /usr/OV/conf/tecint.conf
file is the correct one.  And
when you open that ruleset with nvrsEdit, it is the one you want, with the
initial node set to block.

Perhaps you should try this in stages.  If your ruleset is correct, then
you can bring up nvevents and pull down Create, and create a dynamic
workspace using the ruleset.  Then whatever you see in the window for that
ruleset is what will be forwarded to TEC (except that you won't see all the
ones that say "Log Only"  if there are any but TEC will get those too).
That may help you debug what you are doing.

The acid test of a ruleset is whether it works.  But you can think of it
this way:

Think of each node in the ruleset as a go/nogo switch on passing an event
You start with the event stream and set every incoming event to BLOCK
(don't send this to the display)
Then you add trap settings to select the traps you want (  Is this the
right event?  If so, pass it along; else, drop it)
The you query your collection (Is the source of this event in my
collection?  If so, pass it along; else drop it)
Finally you have forward (send any event that made it this far to nvserverd
for final distribution)

Hope this helps

James Shanks
Tivoli (NetView for UNIX) L3 Support

Lucy Premus <lpremus@METLIFE.COM> on 06/16/99 02:40:11 PM

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cc:    (bcc: James Shanks/Tivoli Systems)
Subject:  Rulesets for TEC

Ok.  I changed the Event Stream to block and reconfigured the events
to TEC through smitty.  Still not working.  All events are still being
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Lucy Premus
06/16/99 10:54 AM

To:   nv-l@ucsbvm.ucsb.edu@metlifenet
Subject:  Rulesets for TEC

I've created my first ruleset to be used to forward selected events to TEC.
want to forward node down/interface down traps as well as Compaq related
(which have already been defined to NetView) for specific servers (which I
already created two collections for).  As I said this is my first ruleset,
I'm not really sure what I'm doing and of course its not working as I want.
rulset basically contains the Event Stream Icon, configured to PASS events.
Event Stream icon points to a Trap Settings icon for each trap I want to
forward.  Finally each Trap Settings icon points to the 2 Query Database
Collection icons, listing all the servers I want to forward these events
Thats it.  But its not working.  Events are being forwarded, but its all
coming into NetView, not just the ones I want.  Am I missing something in
ruleset or anywhere else?

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