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Re: NT MLM's behind firewall

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Subject: Re: NT MLM's behind firewall
From: Chris Cowan <chris.cowan@2ND-WAVE.COM>
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 1999 14:03:25 -0500
"McCarter, Bill" wrote:
> I could use any information on getting a NT based MLM operating through a
> firewall to a Unix based Netview server.
> I have installed the software on the NT box, but need to know how to
> configure the ports on the firewall. The documentation
> leads me to believe I can't do configuration through the TME 10 desktop.
> Thank  You
> Bill

You can use the APM which is tool off of the Netview GUI or smconfig (a
stand alone X Windows application). Configuration of the MLM is done
with SNMP writes or sets to the MLM, so if SNMP is passing then you
should have no problems.

It uses SNMP which is ports 161 and 162.   It may also be using port
1662 if it is an Attended MLM.

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