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Re: CDE initialization Problem

To: nv-l@lists.tivoli.com
Subject: Re: CDE initialization Problem
From: Rafal Bajorek <rba@II.PW.EDU.PL>
Date: Sun, 26 Sep 1999 12:49:36 +0200
Hi Jose,

I've observed the same CDE login hang with NV 5.1.1 and AIX 4.3.2.

My messages in $HOME/.dt/startlog were:
| --- starting /usr/dt/bin/dthello &
| Cannot load program /usr/dt/bin/dthello because of the following errors:
|         Symbol XmeFlushIconFileCache in /usr/lib/libDtSvc.a is not defined.
|         Symbol XmGetIconFileName in /usr/lib/libDtSvc.a is not defined.
|         Symbol XmeGetMask in /usr/lib/libDtSvc.a is not defined.
|         Cannot load library libDtSvc.a[shr.o].
|         System error: Cannot run a file that does not have a valid format.

My digging results are:

1) changing order in LIBPATH (set by /etc/Tivoli/setup_env.sh)
      from LIBPATH=/usr/local/Tivoli/lib/aix4-r1:/usr/lib
        to LIBPATH=/usr/lib:/usr/local/Tivoli/lib/aix4-r1
   removes problem (temporary solution?)

2) these two directories have only one lib with the same name: libXm.a

3) /usr/local/Tivoli/lib/aix4-r1/libXm.a is dated May 14, 1998
   (came with Tivoli Framework 3.6)

   /usr/lib/libXm.a is a symlink to /usr/lpp/X11/lib/R6/Motif2.1/libXm.a
   but changing this link to /usr/lpp/X11/lib/R5/libXm.a helps nothing

4) it has no matter if ". /etc/Tivoli/setup_env.sh" is called from
   .dtprofile or from .kshrc - in both cases CDE originally hangs

5) versions of relevant (I believe ;-) packages in my system are:
      X11.motif.lib (/usr/lpp/X11/lib/R6/Motif2.1/libXm.a)
      X11.compat.lib.X11R5 (/usr/lpp/X11/lib/R5/libXm.a)
      X11.Dt.lib  (/usr/lib/libDtSvc.a)

Pending questions:
- why error messages point to "libDtSvc.a load error"... ?
- what is final (not temporary) solution ?

Regards -
Rafal Bajorek

Rafal Bajorek <rba@ii.pw.edu.pl>
Systems Engineer - UNIX, AIX, TCP/IP networks
Institute of Computer Science,
Warsaw University of Technology

Original message was:
> Date:    Sat, 25 Sep 1999 11:12:34 -0600
> From:    Jose L Babun/GBM <jbabun@GBM.NET>
> Subject: CDE initialization Problem
> I just at last installed the Netview 5.1.1 on my AIX  4.3.2 machine.
> Everything was ok during
> the installation of netview. But when I tried to login from the Common
> Desktop Enviroment,
> as soon as the CDE begins to initialize, it closes with no messages, and
> send me back to
> the login screen. I did this netview installation on two servers, and I
> have the same problem
> on both.
> Any ideas.Thanks.
> Jose L Babun

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