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Re: CISCO CIP Monitoring

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Subject: Re: CISCO CIP Monitoring
From: Leslie Clark <lclark@US.IBM.COM>
Date: Fri, 1 Oct 1999 10:28:16 -0400
You do not need to be using MLM for offloading polling to be able to use it
with APM on the server. I do this all the time. I put the MLM on the server
specifically for the purpose of using the APM. Netmon won't even know it is
there. And the code is on the Netview CD under the MLM directory. Use the
latest one for best results.

I don't know what you mean by yours not being a simple thresholding
condition, maybe because I don't know what the rest of the values are.

One reason to use the APM instead of Netview's snmpCollect is that the
MLM has more sophisticated thresholding. The snmpCollect threshold
condition is >, and the rearm condition is <=.. The MLM threshold  AND
rearm conditions are >, <, >=, <=, =, logical AND, logical OR,  changes,
doesNotCnage, exists, doesNotExist, and the negations of these.
You can specify how many times the condition must  exist before the arm
or rearm happens. and I believe you should be able to set more than one
policy for the same mib variable on the same device.
If you are interested in the color-changing icons, you are stuck with the two
though - armed and rearmed. You might need a policy for each state
you want to monitor.  If you are mostly interested in the events generated
and not the colors, then you can make up your own traps for each state.

And again, there is no APM on NT.  I don't know exactly how this would work
with just MLM on the NT netview server, but given the presence of the smconfig
tool somewhere on AIX it could be done in Theory (that small town in Texas
where everything works...)


Leslie A. Clark
IBM Global Services - Systems Mgmt & Networking

 I just wanted to add some detail, to see if the APM would be good for us.
We do not have an MLM.  We  have a Netview server, and we have several CIP

For example:
One of the MIB variables, is the tn3270sPuState, which is part of the TN3270
variables used to manageTN3270 servers.
This variable can have a value of 1 thru 8, reflecting the logical state of
the CIP PU.
Value of 7, means an ACTPU was received and acknowleged successfully, i.e.
the PU state is ACTIVE.
Using SNMP collection and thresholds will not help in this situation,
because it is not a simple Threshold situation. (Correct me if I am wrong)

Other than writing a program to solicit the values of the  tn3270sPuState,
and then checking all the values and generating an Alert from the program,
are there any functions within Netview , without an MLM implementation, that
could accomplish that?  thx, art

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Subject: Re: CISCO CIP Monitoring

I think I just set that up for a customer. They wanted to monitor the status
of a couple of interfaces that matched that description - not IP, but they
do appear in the MIB II Interface table. They have an ifOperStatus that
you can monitor via SNMP. I used the Agent Policy Manager front-end
to MLM on the Netview server, and set up thresholds for the ifOperStatus
variables - >1 is bad, = 1 is the rearm. This facility then added objects
for me to represent those interfaces and they turn red when the router
reports that they are down. You need to know the index number of the
interfaces you want to monitor.

Configuring the APM for the first time is confusing but it is well worth the
effort in my opinion. You get grahics and traps and don't write any code.


Leslie A. Clark
IBM Global Services - Systems Mgmt & Networking

We need to monitor the PU state(on CIP)  and channel state for our CISCO
Router CIP cards, providing 3270 access for our network.
I was wondering if anyone has done this, and how they have implemented ths
type of monitoring?  That is what channel MIBS did you look at, and how they
set up the monitoring function.

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