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Re: Node Name Change & Collection Stats

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Subject: Re: Node Name Change & Collection Stats
From: Vince Rosso <Vince_Rosso@TRANSALTA.COM>
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2000 10:55:47 -0700
Leslie ... I tried playing with the command "snmpColDump <filename> | fgrep
<nodename>" and I receive the error message  "Could not open bang file
snmpCollect! : no such file or directory.   I've read thru the man pages
and it does make reference to a second file, but I don't find such a file
when I check in usr/OV/databases.   Should there be a 2nd file?   Can you
substitute the IP address for the node name?   I get the same results
either way.   Thanks!

 image moved   Leslie Clark <lclark@US.IBM.COM>
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Subject:  Re: Node Name Change & Collection Stats

I just saw one like this today and I'm not really clear on what happened. I
COULD see the data with snmpColDump <filename> | fgrep <nodename>.
But in the various functions to display the data it is not available. I
that it would also be available using the xnmgraph command. I tried naming
the node back and it did not work, but I think that may be because the node
was actually deleted and rediscovered. The result was orphaned data.

We cleared the old data and restarted data collection, and I did see in
snmpCol.trace that it was voluntarily changing some node names, for those
that I had overridden in /etc/hosts. But it does appear that the data
under the old name is only available the hard way. This was on AIX, btw.


Leslie A. Clark
IBM Global Services - Systems Mgmt & Networking

We are running Netview v5.1 on a Digital UNIX  platform.   I recently made
a name change on a node that was being monitored and have discovered that
the data collected over the past month is no longer there.   The IP address
of the node remained the same and the name change was completed using the
Edit --- Modify/Describe --- Symbol & Object  menu choices.   The host and
seed files were also updated.

Is there any method to recover or see the data under the original node
name?    Is there some way I could have facilitated the node name change
without losing the collected data?  Thanks!

Vince Rosso
Network Operations
TransAlta Utilities Corp.

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