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Re: (NV-5.1.1)Application Registration File

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Subject: Re: (NV-5.1.1)Application Registration File
From: "Julio Leal" <jjllmm@hotmail.com>
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2000 16:10:30 CEST
José Roberto:
Do you have both versions in the directory? There only can be one.
Netview will read every file it finds in that directory.
It has the same behaviour with other directories as symbols and fields.
Hope this helps.

Julio Leal

From: owner-nv-l@tkg.com
Date: 27/03/2000 10:28:48 NST
Subject: [NV-L] (NV-5.1.1)Application Registration File


I'm created an application menu in /usr/OV/registration/C/my_app, and it
works fine.
But i needed  to changes something in application and saved it with another
name my_app_new.
After run the /usr/OV/bin/c_arf2srf my_app_new,  its one does't work
fine(the menu does't appear ).
Looking for files in /usr/OV/security/C/Domains/registration i see two file
my_app and my_app_new.

Can somebody give a hint?

Thanks in Advance
José Roberto Antunes

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