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Re: How to send a SNMP reset from Netview using GUI

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Subject: Re: How to send a SNMP reset from Netview using GUI
From: "David E. Dimond" <dimond@allina.com>
Date: Fri, 07 Apr 2000 10:24:43 -0500
I recommend you assimilate the Netview Programmer's Guide.  I think
you'll discover serveral solutions -- some quite painless.  It's quite
trivial to simply drop in a context menu off the object that will
fire off whatever snmpset command you desire.  Or you can take full
advantage of the API's and code up some nice interactive dialogs...
You could also make it event-driven if you prefer total automation.

Dave Dimond
Allina Health System

mike.raad@fr.ibm.com wrote:
> Hello Folks,
> I have a requirement from Netview that needs to be met ASAP :
> I need to send an SNMP command (Mib 2 or Proprietary or private MIB) like
> RESET, or other kind of command that will really do something important on
> the target machine.  And I need to do so from a contextual menu on the
> object itself, like a router, a RS/6000, or any machine using SNMP. Here is
> some background infos :
> We have many machines which have their own MIBs (Proprietary or private
> MIB), these MIBs have been developped in-house and have commands that could
> be sent to the machines from a management station based on a PDP 11 and a
> propietary OS running on this PDP 11. We nned to replace this PDP 11 by
> Netview For AIX and  we need, in case the target presents a problem or an
> alert detected by the Netview daemons to take a corrective and sometimes a
> radical action which will RESET or swich off the the machine. And these
> actions need to be taken directly by the Help Desk people from the Netview
> GUI, and with a point and click action.
> Please if anyone has done this or thought about it before let me know.
> Some people told me that I need to use other OEM products like : AdventNet
> to build my own applet in Java.
> Cordialement - Best Regards
> Mike Raad
> Tel : +33 (0) 2 40 41 44 64 , GSM 0685035546
> Systems & Network Management Specialist - TIVOLI
> IBM France   (e-mail address : mike.raad@fr.ibm.com)
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