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Re: 8272 Mib

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Subject: Re: 8272 Mib
From: adrian.spring@itpro-ag.ch
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000 11:15:30 +0200

Hi Christo,

check this OID with your MIBbrowser out:


here you'll get three more entries:

.dot1dTpFdbAddress (.
.dot1dTpFdbPort (.
.dot1dTpFdbStatus (.

If you need more informations, just contact me directly


"Christo Burger" <christob@absa.co.za> on 07.04.2000 23:36:31

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Subject:  [NV-L] 8272 Mib

I have downloaded the 8272 mib from the IBM networking site but I am looking
for the mib entry to query for port details i.e. I want to query the port
and get a list of Mac addresses attached to that port ( LAN segment ).

The best I could do was to query ibm8272TsOptPortStaVal mib entry for a
particular port but I only get hex data that contains ,some where in there,
the Mac addresses. I am looking for a formatted list.

Any help much appreciated.

Christo Burger
Tel: +2711 3506480
Fax: +2711 3506228


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