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RE: Event Correlation

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Subject: RE: Event Correlation
From: "SZEWCZYK, Jack" <jszewczyk@westpac.com.au>
Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2000 13:47:46 +1000

The functionality you describe is implemented in Netview 6.0
    1) event suppression or 
    2) RFI (router fault isolation)or 
    3) root cause analysis

I think all these terms refer to the same thing - not generating the alarms
and relaxing polling interval for the devices which are in "unreachable"
part of 
the network.

This feauture is not enabled in 6.0 by default, will be available in 6.0a
(by default)
and there is a script (contact your Tivoli rep.) to enable in NV6.0

Could someone explain the differences between 1 and 2 and 3 or 
are they the same thing (just a different name)?

Hope this helps,


Jack Szewczyk                    |  email: jszewczyk@westpac.com.au 
Network Systems Administrator    |     
Westpac Banking Corporation      +---------------------------------
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From: Salinas Sangines Guillermo [mailto:gsalinas@SCANDA.COM.MX]
Sent: Wednesday, 5 July 2000 5:11
To: 'NetView'
Subject: [NV-L] Event Correlation

Hi, I'm configuring the event correlation feature on NetView 6.0 for Unix
As I understand, one of the primary function of an event correlator, is to
filter multiple alarms.
An example is: if nodes B, C and D, are switches connected to a router A,
and router A goes down. The event correlation functionality would filter
alarms from nodes B, C and D, and only take actions on the alarm from node

Well, does someone knows how to configure this on NetView 6.0 ?
I've seen the RuleSet Editor, with the default rulesets (NodeDown/NodeUp,
But it doesn't looks like this rules resolve the example I've posted.


Guillermo Salinas Sanginés
Omniscope - México DF
tel. 5422-2700 ext.6033

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