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RE: nvTurboDatabase on Solaris?

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Subject: RE: nvTurboDatabase on Solaris?
From: dietmar_gaulhofer@at.ibm.com
Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2000 09:25:33 +0200


About your core dumps and ovw_binary stuff - ask Netview Support there is
efix avail. At least this one helped in our env. (AIX 4.3.2,NV 6).

Kr, Dietmar

the limitation is 81 interfaces so you should be fine with 20

Since I started using nvTurboDatabase on AIX with netview 6.0 I have more
trouble than ever (lots of core dumps of ovw_binary, corrupted
So if I'd be you I'd not use nvTurboDatabase

With kind regards / mit freundlichen Gruessen
Andreas Kuffer (System Manager UNIX and Enterprise Management)

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Subject: [NV-L] nvTurboDatabase on Solaris?

Appendix G of the Installation and Configuration manual seems to say
that the nvTurboDatabase utility should be used on AIX only.

I have Version 6.0 on Solaris, and I need to discover routers with
more than 20 interfaces. Is it simply a typo in the manual?

Thanks in advance,



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