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RE: Router Icons Discovered with a Partial IP Address

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Subject: RE: Router Icons Discovered with a Partial IP Address
From: "Joel A. Gerber" <joel.gerber@usaa.com>
Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2000 17:12:15 -0500
I experienced the same "phenomenon" while beta testing NetView 6.0, and
never received a satisfactory explanation, let alone a fix, from the NetView
developers.  We are not yet running V6 in production (wanted to wait for
6.0.1), but we are growing impatient.  We were planning to start working on
V6, so if we see the same problem I'll post something to the list.

By the way, we have Cisco routers, too, so the problem seems to be related
to netmon discovery of Cisco devices.  Tivoli added lots of new
functionality to support Cisco devices, and enhance discovery.  It seems
that something is just a little "flaky".

Joel Gerber - I/T Networking Professional - USAA Information Technology Co.
- San Antonio, TX
* (210)913-4231         * mailto:Joel.Gerber@USAA.com   "

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Subject:        [NV-L] Router Icons Discovered with a Partial IP Address

Netview V6.0 has discovered, among all the good stuff, a multitude of "Cisco
Router" shape objects, which carry only a partial IP address.
I.e. these objects' label is an IP address with a meaningful network portion
and zeroes as a host portion, e.g.
A double click of such an icon opens a submap with only a single interface
having the same partial address.

There are of course many other Cisco routers which had been discovered
properly with a full address and all the inventory of interfaces in the
child submap.
Is this a known phenomena in this release, or is this a consequence of
something I did?

Eli Gal - elig@bezeq.com <mailto:elig@bezeq.com> 
Bezeq - the Israeli Telecommunications Corp.
Ramat Gan, Israel
tel: +972-3-5.763.763
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