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Réf. : MLM port configuration.

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Subject: Réf. : MLM port configuration.
From: alexis.henry@bnpparibas.com
Date: Tue, 8 Aug 2000 09:19:11 +0200
you may try to add MLM on another box if you can, in a box not using port 162.
Once i tried to use MLM on a netview box. I kept netview on 162 and MLM install
itself on an other port.
In my case it was pointless since i wanted to collect MIB data and to set
What is your purpose ? If you want to filter before sending trap to netview (and
have MLM and NV on the same box) then you have problem. In fact MLM is not
expected to work on the same box for filtering purpose unless you configure all
your devices to send trap to port 162 (MLM) and configure MLM to fileter and
send trap to Netview.
In this case two choice: the easy one: MLM->162 on the same box than netview and
MLM forward everything interesting to port 165 on the same box.
                                              the heavy one: MLM on a new box
and a lot to do on your devices.

Hope this help.
Alexis Henry
Banque Nationale de Paris.


Arthur.Boulieris@nz.unisys.com on 07/08/2000 23:29

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Hi all,
I am running netview 5.1.2 for solaris 2.6.
I have a request to add an MLM to our existing setup but it has raised a
couple of questions regarding trap ports.

Firstly can a device (MLM) listen and send on the same port (port 162). I
assume no which is why the redbook talks about reconfiguring the netview
server to listen on port 165 for traps and MLM to forward traps to netview
on 165.

The next question is what do I do about hundreds of devices that forward
traps to netview on port 162 , netview wont be listening on this port? Is
there a work around or will I need to have the trap destination of all these
devices changed to an MLM?

Thanks Arthur

   Arthur Boulieris
   Implementation & Support Specialist
   Systems Management


    Ph: 64-4-462 2787
    Mobile: 025 543 529

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