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Re: Netview for NT

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Subject: Re: Netview for NT
From: echevarria@es.ibm.com
Date: Tue, 8 Aug 2000 09:52:46 +0200


     I had a Netview for NT during almost a year. It wasn't running on a
powerful box although it had only 20 routers. I didn't like it and I
replaced it by an AIX one as soon as I was able. May be the problem was
that I didn't like Windows NT at all...

Juan Echevarría López
AT&T Global Network Services
Internet: jechevarria@att.com

"Chance, Larry" <lchance@SFBCIC.COM> on 07/08/2000 20:03:09

Please respond to IBM NetView Discussion <nv-l@tkg.com>

To:   "'Netview Users'" <nv-l@tkg.com>
cc:    (bcc: Juan Echevarria Lopez/Spain/IBM)
Subject:  [NV-L] Netview for NT

Anyone else trying to use the NT version of Netview?
(That is, with NO Unix at all?)

Just curious how many on the list-server actually have it
and TRY to use it...


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