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Subject: RE: Netview for NT
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Date: Tue, 8 Aug 2000 10:06:38 -0400

Larry, you should call Support to deal with this.
That is part of the object  database. Periodic database compression
is supposed to keep that in check. I do not know if there are differences
in this process on NT. On Unix we use ovwdbdmap -c (after taking a backup).
On Unix, if the value_info.pag gets big (and this does affects performance)
won't compress, I switch to the Turbo form of the database. Don't delete
component of the database. You may, however, restore the database
from a backup made when the database was nice. I would regularly
zip up that entire directory (\usr\ov\databases\openview) as a backup.

Anyone want to comment on the relationship between this database
and the relational database holding topology data? What happens
to the topology database when you restore the flat-file database
from a backup?


Leslie A. Clark
IBM Global Services - Systems Mgmt & Networking

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Thank all of you for your responses.

I've had it for a year now.  We are looking
at either going totally Tivoli or CA Unicenter.
We are looking at software distribution, remote
control and network management.  I was curious
about the stability of Netview for NT from other
users.  For me, it's been 50-50.

I've had to rebuild the server a couple of times
because of various crashes.  The latest crash has
to do with a file called, value_info.pag.
I don't know what it's function is but
it suddenly grew to over 5GB and now the
ovtopmd won't stay up.  There's another file,
value_info.dir that is 175MB.

Would anyone know if this file, value_info.pag
can be deleted and let Netview recreate it?

Many thanks.


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