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Re: nv-l's listproc address

To: nv-l@lists.tivoli.com
Subject: Re: nv-l's listproc address
From: Michael Galgano <mgalgano@tkg.com>
Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2000 23:34:47 -0700
Leszek Pisarek wrote:

> Hi,
> i see, the listproc has changed,
> so where sould i send unscubscribe nv-l?
> bst rgrds
> leszek
> _________________________________________________________________________
> NV-L List information and Archives: http://www.tkg.com/nv-l

The method for subscribing and unsubscribing is defined in the URL shown
above. It contains the following:

Subscribing, Unsubscribing, and Posting

                   To subscribe to the NV-L mailing list, send an email to
                   with the body:

                   subscribe nv-l

                   If you want to subscribe another email address, then use
this command:

                   subscribe nv-l address@domain.com

                   Note that address@domain.com must confirm the subscription
before that
                   address can be subscribed.

                   Similarly, to subscribe to nv-l-digest, use:

                   subscribe nv-l-digest

                   To unsubscribe, use "unsubscribe" instead of "subscribe".

Mike Galgano
The Kernel Group  (NV-L host)

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