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Re: MLM not working

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Subject: Re: MLM not working
From: Jane Curry <jane.curry@skills-1st.co.uk>
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2000 09:59:40 +0100
"Boulieris, Arthur" wrote:

> If I do a demand poll it recognises the box as an mlm but doesnt put it on
> the netview managers map?

Have you configured the APM (C5d)?  You will need to do this before you get your
MLM collection icon.  Set up APM either via smit or the Tivoli Desktop - it's
off the Configure menu.  You don't expect an MLM to go in the NetView's
collection but to go into the MLM's collection.

> I have configured it to send traps to netview server and although it
> recieves them its not forwarding them.
> The config tool shows that the trap recipient is the server and I have
> recycled the daemon, ports are the default 162
> and its set to send all traps ie 255 mask.

Just a tiny one - are you sure that you have "Enabled" this setting - it's very
easy to setup all the details but leave the enabled/disabled box "Disabled".

> If I look at the /var/adm/smv2/mlm/config/midmand.conf it shows the default
> settings for trap destination hosts, why does the change in the smconfig
> tool not affect the the configuration?

By default, the config file that the MLM will use is
/var/adm/smv2/log/smMlmCurrent.config - if this hasn't been updated then I'd
start checking SNMP community names.  All your MLM configuration is achieved
using SNMP "set"s.  Assuming you are configuring your MLM from your NetView
system using the MLM Config menus, you must ensure that you have SNMP read AND
write access into your MLM system - test this out first and ensure that you can
change values on your MLM.

Regards, Jane
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