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RE: Antw: Devices Not Displaying Correcting

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Subject: RE: Antw: Devices Not Displaying Correcting
From: Jean.M.SCHMIDT@odot.state.or.us
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2000 12:52:43 -0700
Thanks for your suggestion. I verified the status source was compound
propagated and it was. I also deleted the interface verified it was not in
any other maps (only have 1 map which is the default) ran ovtopodump and
ovobjprint. Rediscovered and still the interface shows as down while the
interface of the router shows as admin down. 

Any other suggestions? 

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Subject: Antw: [NV-L] Devices Not Displaying Correcting

Hi Jean,

you should upgrade to V5.1.3...

Try to unmanage and then manage again those interfaces, normally this solves
the problem. If not, delete those interfaces (be sure to delete them from
all maps! To verify do ovmapdump, ovtopodump and ovobjprint and grep in the
output for the ip-addresses of these interfaces. If they are still there you
have another problem.) and then demand-poll the router. When the interfaces
are re-discovered they should have the admin down status.

>>> Jean.M.SCHMIDT@odot.state.or.us 23.08. 0.57 Uhr >>>
I have AIX 4.3.2, Netview 5.1.2 

Router interfaces that are administratively down show as red (down) instead
of pink (admin down).  I made changes to /usr/lpp/X11/lib/X11/rgb.txt. But
did not correct. There is no file named $HOME/.Xdefaults. 

Any suggestions.  Thanks

Jean Schmidt    
ODOT Network Management
503 986-3245

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