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RE: NV/ API - openview

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Subject: RE: NV/ API - openview
From: "IMHOFF,MICHAEL (HP-Denmark,ex1)" <michael_imhoff@hp.com>
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2000 18:32:41 +0200
It's a simple task to port and application from NetView to NNM and vice
verse. Think you'll need the NNM SDK though. Many of the API might be
similar, but some have certainly changed. You can find the manuals for the
NNM API's at
[   3136K ]    Application Style Guide 
[   3763K ]    OVW Developer's Guide 
[   1158K ]    SNMP Developer's Guide 
[   2201K ]    Java Developer's Guide 

- Michael.

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Subject: [NV-L] NV/ API - openview

Is it possible to use API (GUI API, SNMP API) supplied with TME 10 NetView
to work with Network Node Manager OpenView graphical interface (ovw)? I
noticed that the functions are the same in TME 10 NV and in NNM OV, for
example OVwInit() function, which initialize connection to Ovw.

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