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RE: Stone Beat

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Subject: RE: Stone Beat
From: Uwe Richter <Uwe.Richter@synthesis.de>
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2000 13:30:00 +0200
I don't know a Integration-Kit for NetView, I thing it exist only for HP 

You can manage the Stonebeat and Checkpoint with MIB and local scripts.
Stonebeat has a file "checklist". You can the script configure. If the action 
in the script alert then it calling a script "alert.sh". You can use in the 
script a "sendtrap" to inform NetView.

Checkpoint has a private MIB (snmpV2). You can query different Variables and 
test to threshold. The policies from checkpoint can also call a script.

best regards

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>Hi everybody,
>Does anybody have any experience with Stone beat and Firewalls?
>I'm looking for any advise with Stone beat.
>Does Netview support it?
>How the firewalls be discovered? Even if we don't have snmp access on
>the firewall.
>What is the best way to define a device like a firewall?
>Stone beat is a software that runs on firewalls to do like the HSRP
>protocol from Cisco.
>One particularity of stone beat, is that it uses a multicast address
>(mac address, not ip multicast)
>Thanks in advance for any replies

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