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Subject: Re: Antw: ObjectName
From: lclark@us.ibm.com
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2000 09:12:09 -0400

You could predict the object names of the nodes if you provided
name resolution for all interfaces likely to be heard from first. If you
provide the same name for all of them, you are all set. If you add the
names to /etc/hosts after discovery, the name of the router will get
updated, but not the name of the interface card objects (nodename:ifname).
So it is best to provide the name resolution ahead of discovery.
It is a good idea to put the loopback, if you have one, first in /etc/hosts
so the name always resolves to that address.

If you don't want to resolve the names, you could use a seedfile for
discovery, so in most cases (timing comes into play) nodes will be
discovered by the address you specify, and that address will be used
as the label. Or, as Michael suggests, use loadhosts.


Leslie A. Clark
IBM Global Services - Systems Mgmt & Networking

"Michael Seibold" <Michael.Seibold@gek.de>@tkg.com on 09/14/2000 04:47:03

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Hi Takahiro,

Netview normally uses the first ip-interface it sees. This may be the first
in the list you see using the mibbrowser, but normally it is the one
"nearest" to your Netview-machine. If the router has an interface in the
same ip-segment as your management-station, this address should be the one
you see as the label in Netview. If you do a traceroute to all three
interfaces of router2 in your example you should see that the one which was
used as label has less hop's than the others. But, if your network is more
complicated, it may also be one of the other interfaces, depending on the
order in which the discovery-process found the devices. So if you want to
be sure what you get you can either define a management - IP-Segment (by
example using loopback-addresses), which is often difficult to do (maybe
you are not allowed to configure routers), or you can add them using the
loadhosts-command, using the ip-address you want to be displayed as the

Michael Seibold
Gmünder Ersatzkasse GEK

>>> kommy@imasy.or.jp 13.09.2000  17.16 Uhr >>>
Hello all,

Please tell me the rule of object naming.

There are many routers in our network. NetView can discover all of our
routers, but I can't predict the object name which is discovered by

For example, Router1 has 3 Ethernet interfaces:


And Router2 has 3 Ethernet interfaces too:


The object names are "", "" respectively.

There are no IP addresses of routers in /etc/hosts on NetView server.

My Environment:
     NetView for UNIX ver 6.0 + NLS (Japanese)
     J-Solaris2.6 HW5/98 + latest recommended patch cluster
     Tivoli Framework 3.6.1 + NLS

          hosts:    files

Thanks in advance,
Takahiro Komiya
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