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Netview to TEC Help

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Subject: Netview to TEC Help
From: Daniel Lehman <dlehman@hurricanetechgroup.com>
Date: 15 Sep 2000 10:21:49 -0700
I know i have submitted this request before, but i need some help. Below you 
will find the original message.

I am currently using Netfinity Manager to forward events to Netview via SNMP. I 
then would like to forward to Tivoli TEC.  The NV6K adapter is setup and 
working properly.  I added the Netfinity MIBs and ran the mib2trap module to 
add the trap settings.  The events are viewable in the event monitor log in 
Netview.  No Netfinity events are showing up in TEC.  The default severity 
Registered is INDETERMINATE, 
any help would be appreciated.
The following was the response from a Mr. James Shanks.  I am a little confused 
as to what to do, i an fairly new to Netview.  If at all possible could someone 
please help for me to understand the necessary steps.  Thanks again in advance.

The NT TEC  adapter doesn't care what you do with mib2trap.  It uses the 
tecad_nv6k* files in \usr\ov\conf to determine what to do. 
 In particular, if the enterprise id of these new traps is not in the cds file, 
you will have to define it there, and select the data elements (trap variables) 
you want sent to TEC.  Probably you will have to define a new class or classes 
to get all the data you want sent over. Then you  have to add Filter statements 
in the tecad_nv6k.conf to include these new classes in what is sent.  That 
takes care of the NetView side. But on the TEC side, you must make a baroc file 
and load that into your TEC rulebase in order for TEC to parse these events 
when they arrive. 
 I'd start by reading the TEC manual on adapters.  They provide documentation 
on all these files and their contents.  The tecad_nv6k one they talk about is 
their UNIX one, but the NT one shipped with NetView is a cloned port of that, 
so all the same information applies. 
There is a TEC configurator executable shipped with 6.0 but it is seriously 
broken.  I wouldn't use it until you 6.0 or you will probably have to rebuild 
the conf file by hand anyway. 

Hurricane Technology Group, Inc.
Daniel R.  Lehman
Tivoli Architect/Consultant
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Hurricane Technology Group, Inc.
Daniel R.  Lehman

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