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Re: Remote Admin Help...

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Subject: Re: Remote Admin Help...
From: "Leslie Clark" <lclark@us.ibm.com>
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 00:14:13 -0500
Darlene, what kind of box is it that needs changing? NT? AIX? It is
operating system dependant. I know that on AIX there are a couple of
features involved, and sometimes it is under the control of the Display
hardware itself. Are you asking if this can be done by Netview, or are
you asking how to do this to a remote Netview system? Given a little
more information, maybe I can help. But let's keep this on the listserver,


Leslie A. Clark
IBM Global Services - Systems Mgmt & Networking

"Williams, Darlene - CIM-2" <dawilliams@bpa.gov> on 12/13/2000 12:28:20 PM

To:   Leslie Clark/Southfield/IBM@IBMUS
Subject:  Remote Admin Help...

Good Morning Ms. Clark,
I have been thrust into the NetView environment with little to no training.
I have a field site that needs me to turn off the "screen saver" type
function.  He described it as a "screen blanking feature".  Could you
walk/type me through how to perform this remote function?  :o}

Thank you and have a pleasant great day!
Darlene Williams
Telecommunications Tech I
SS Network Support

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